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有标准,讲方法,促交流,同进步 ——大英语中心教研展示课系列报道(一)

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Maple Leaf ESL Curriculum Standard is the beacon for teachers to interpenetrate the language competence, strategic competence, academic competence and cultural awareness in English classes. More amazing demo classes will be shown in this semester for teachers’ mutual learning and improvement. Here come the demo classes by Miranda Chen and Aaron Wan.


Miranda Chen, Level 1 English Teacher

“Conceptual interpretation and procedural analysis of words and sentences without resorting to the infectious settings and vivid descriptions will result in a dull English class so that the students will not be concentrated in class. Therefore, we should absorb the advantages of Direct Instruction and attach importance to situational teaching. For young students at lower level, specific and intuitive images can attract their attention. In teaching, I usually use visual objects such as pictures, toys, and stick figures. For example, when teaching school supplies, showing pen, pencil, eraser and other intuitive objects is particularly important; only through intuitive demonstration and comparison can students quickly grasp the meanings. For this demo class, we prepared a “gate” to make students feel more immersive. And my group leader, Mrs. Maria inspired me a lot, including class type, teaching content, lesson plan, and the props. One thing I really liked as the connection to Chinese traditional writing supplies. They all highlighted my demo class. I appreciated it a lot.”


Aaron Wan, Grade 5 Beginner Level English Teacher

“Today I gave a demo class on Grade 5 Beginner students. It was not easy to give a demo class, especially for new students with little English foundation, so I deigned a listening and speaking class. The purpose of this class was to encourage everyone to describe some pictures or some actions by using Present Continuous Tense. Most of them could participate in the class. They could use the key sentence structures to describe the pictures. They could use Present Continuous Tense to describe people’s activities in the video. But I should have given students much more time to practice the sentences with different subject pronouns. In the end I should have given them some worksheets to practice the sentences to enhance their comprehension about the tense.”


After the two teachers’ reflections, other teachers and group leaders gave their comments as well.


Maria Botes, Level 1 Teaching Group Leader

“Miranda is dressed neat and professionally. She practiced the key words in a very interesting way (up is loud; down is soft). There were good repetition with sentence pattern, lots of reinforcement with the sentences, and lovely atmosphere in the class. Students were comfortable trying to answer even if they could be wrong. Miranda made time for individual attention. Her students used very little Chinese. The games were fun, and students were learning in a fun way. She spent ample time on pronunciation with nice and big flash cards. Students were comfortable not knowing what calligraphy is, and she gave students loads of encouragement. Bilingual teachers have a wonderful way to teach the phonics in segments. It helps the students a lot. It was a successful lesson, well executed. Congratulations.”


Emma Wen, Level 3 Teaching Group Leader

“Aaron’s class is well designed. The teaching objectives of this class are clear. And after the presentation and practice, students in the class can use the sentence patterns freely. Aaron’s teaching methods are attractive for the students in Grade 5 and arouse their interest. During the pair work and group work activity, students can listen, practice drills with their partners. They study in different ways and finish the task easily and quickly. These strategies are necessary in our class. I think this class has practical value.”


Demo class is an effective way to show personal strengths, discover and solve problems for betterment. As a conclusion, GEP director Vicki Li shared three highlights and two suggestions to both classes and emphasized the related focus in the Curriculum Standard. Let’s find out more excellent teachers’ advantages from demo classes and learn from each other.