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My Life in Wuhan Maple Leaf 我在武汉枫叶的生活---Kevin Fan

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Kevin Fan

WMLES ESL Head Teacher

September 27, 2016

My Life in Wuhan Maple Leaf


I love my life at Wuhan Maple Leaf Elementary School. Throughout my four years tenor at the school, I have grown as a teacher and as a person. I enjoy a great family atmosphere with my co-workers and a fun educational environment with my students. The school itself often goes above and beyond to make sure my family and I are taken care of. So with a happy and secure working environment, I am able to push myself to be the best teacher I can be.



My goal is to teach each student as if they are going to be a future great contributor to our world. I want to help every student reach their full potential. As teachers, it is our responsibility to provide our students the best education possible. As educators, it is always important to keep learning and getting better in order to give our kids the education that they deserve. WMLES gives us the opportunity to improve our skills through their weekly teaching research meetings. At our school we are able to learn from our peers by observing demonstration classes. There are also workshops covering a wide range of topics that are useful for teaching. This training is designed to provide teachers with fresh new ideas to make our classes more engaging. The more interesting the class, the better the students learn. With so many working while learning opportunities, our school prides itself on developing the best English teachers. So no matter where life takes you in the future, you will have all the training from WMLES to help you along the way.


From the first day I stepped through the doors of Maple Leaf, I have been blessed with working with some of the most talented and nicest people anyone has ever had the pleasure to work with. Our teachers are like one great big family. We help each other in need. We give each other advice when we are confused. We also try to motivate each other when we are down. Such a bond is developed because we work so closely together. At WMLES each student has two English classes each day. One with a bilingual teacher and one with an ESL teacher. Same teachers teaching the same classes work closely together so they can more effectively monitor students, encourage homework completion and maintain class management. The teachers also work closely with others teaching the same book so they may cover the curriculum at the same pace and come up with ideas on how to teach the classes more effectively. When people work so closely for such a long period of time; the friendships last forever.



At WMLES, I have often found that the management team is earnest in listening to our concerns and suggestions. When the suggestion improves a situation, they are quick to adapt them regardless of who came up with the idea. They are patient when listening to our concerns and do their best in trying to resolve them. They host many fun activities for the teachers to build moral such as mountain climbing, wine and dumpling making. They are not afraid to send teachers to other cities for further training when a relevant convention or workshop is available. When we do travel for work, they go out of their way to make sure we are comfortable. An example of that would be our latest Jinzhou trip. In this instance, five other ESL teachers and I from the Wuhan campus volunteered to team up with teachers from the Jinzhou campus to dance at the city competition. After our team won the “China-West Friendship Award” the school arranged for us to see some of the most scenic spots of the city and went out of their way to make sure our day was memorable. The kindness they have shown to the teachers here is hard to match anywhere you work.



With all the positives from my time at WMLES, nothing beats the joy of watching my students grow up and get closer to reaching their potential. Since we have our students at least once a day, we are able to better keep track of our students’ progress as well as challenge them in using English as a tool more often. This allows us to format a bond that helps us in teaching each student. Our student’s enthusiasm for learning and youthful energy is contagious and keeps me youthful. The school’s implementation of teaching morals and values into our curriculum are transforming our students into becoming more principled and disciplined. Not only are our students achieving academic prosperity, they are also learning to be morally responsible as well. When I look at our students and imagine them as they grow up, the future never looked brighter.




Life in WMLES can get a little hectic or challenging at times but the rewards far outweigh any negatives. As an ESL teacher who has been teaching in Wuhan for the last ten years, finding such a wonderful school to call my second home is truly a breath of fresh air.




Kevin Fan