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My Life in Wuhan Maple Leaf 我在武汉枫叶的生活 ---Maria Botes - South Africa南非

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My Life in Wuhan Maple Leaf


Maria Botes - South Africa南非

   After traveling more than 11,000 km, I found myself in awe as laid eyes on Maple Leaf’s Wuhan campus for the first time.  The layout and gardens were beyond compare. I knew that I, after a good night’s rest, would be outdoors taking photos to send to my family.


   In the middle of the school is a pond where lovely Lotus flower grows.  It is surrounded by the High-, Middle- and Elementary School buildings.



   I remember meeting my grade one students for the first time. I imagine having a grandma as a teacher, must have been strange to all concerned. I will never forget how long they stared at me before a little boy right in front said “hello grandma”.  I just loved it and felt right at home.



   One of the most extraordinary things that have happened to me, was being part of a Dragon dance team. A professional dragon dancer came to coach us personally. I can’t imagine how tough it was to teach us! We came together and the end result was superb. I was thrilled to be part of this.


   Another highlight was when we were invited to take part in a traditional concert where I played a farmer who has to chase mice away from our food. To top it off we won the competition!



   One morning I woke up at five o’ clock to find Maple Leaf bathed in white snow; which can make any adult react like a child. I couldn’t wait to get to school to see the reaction of the children and take photos to send back home where it was mid-summer. What an amazing event!



   Management had organized many outings during my stay such as the Caidan Amusement park and Gulong; however the field trip to the Aquariums stands out.  It was incredible to see how well it was organized in terms of safety, fun, and excitement.


   Teacher’s day is probably my most favorite day here at Maple Leaf. In my country it’s hardly celebrated so the amount of effort and care shown here was breathtaking. Students search their hearts to find the right English words to use to tell their teachers how they truly feel.  Small student letters, beautiful bouquets of flowers and memorable gifts find their way to our offices. This year management gave each of us a lovely framed photo of ourselves.  How very thoughtful!  



   Are there teaching challenges?  Oh yes, of course! Teaching Chinese students does not come easy. I do like the structure of the Elementary School and I find its guide lines comprehensive and easy to follow. The classes are all inclusive so if you have background of differentiation, then you’ll sail through.


   Often, it is indeed necessary to reach out to the Bilingual and International teachers for help.  What an extraordinary crowd of people to work with!     They are most accommodating and helpful. Some of them have become very dear friends and I will treasure them forever.


   I look back with fond remembrance of how one of my students, Leo Li, tried to teach me Chinese chess.  He was really very patient with his old teacher.



   Teaching at Maple Leaf has been such a tremendous experience for me. I like to think that I’m quite blessed to have come so far from home and had people waiting for me with open arms. The amount of fellowship between us Maple Leafers makes Wuhan feel like a home away from home.